Statement on Strictly Striking against Manufacturing and Selling Counterfeit Products
Published date: 2019/5/14

Respected dear customers:

Recently, we found that there are illegal operators, production, sales of counterfeit our model of JZ-F01 translator appearance products. In order to prevent the majority of customers from being deceived and safeguard the rights and interests of the majority of customers, our company solemnly declares the following:

1.Our JZ-F01 translator is our patented product (Patent No. 201830213241.3). It is illegal to manufacture and sell fake JZ-F01 translator.

2.We will investigate the legal liabilities of the aforesaid illegal operators through legal means. At the same time, we welcome users to report the person or company who counterfeited our translator products.

3.The most of customers can check our product information through our official website:

4.We sincerely look forward to the general customers to jointly supervise the market, jointly safeguard the intellectual property rights, ensure the use of high-quality translator products, and protect the customer's interests.

If you find any infringement of our company's interests, please contact us at: 0755-23355450/15989874972

Hereby Declare!

Shenzhen Jizhao Information Technology Co. LTD

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