By Phoenix Net Report Ji Zhao s IPO Initiation Conference in Hong Kong has a revenue of over 400 million yuan
Published date: 2019/7/24

In recent years, the enthusiasm of technology companies to go to Hong Kong for IPO has not diminished. US-Tu listed more than US$500 million in bonds has become a giant Internet company listed in Hong Kong at that time. This year, many technology companies have submitted listing application documents to Hong Kong.


Recently, it has been learned that Jizhao Information Technology, a world-renowned supplier of intelligent terminal products, intends to launch an IPO meeting at the end of this month to officially launch its first public offering. Jizhao Information Technology is a supplier and service provider of consumer electronics and AI intelligent terminal products. It integrates R&D, production and sales. It mainly develops and produces customized consumer electronics products for customers. Its products include tablets specially customized for customers and provided to the government. It is the only one in the world at present. Not many tablet makers can meet the world's leading standards. It is expected to become a journey to Hong Kong to attack the "smart terminal products performance stocks".


It is understood that the annual revenue of Jizhao Information Technology has exceeded 400 million. This year, we have received an overseas order for a well-known intelligent robot brand. Let's we wait and see!

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