Screen price trend link to the market trend.
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CPU (pronounced as separate letters) is the abbreviation for central processing unit. They are responsible for processing and executing instructions. As the core component of what defines a computing device, it isn’t the sole component, it’s like the brains.
We all know that CPU and RAM play great important role in our mobile devices. Here today, we are going to discuss deeper how RAM matters.
DO you know that touch panel technology was invented in the 1960s? That’s right. Long before your precious smart phone entered the market in the late 00s, touch panels had already been an established technology for over 4 decades. When you touch the screen of the touch panel, the position coordinates/operation information is processed by a microprocessor and related software.This provides an intuitive user interface by directly touching the screen without any input devices required such as a keyboard or mouse.
Electronics have become an essential must pack item for most of us whenever or wherever we will be, even out-going, especially with phones and sometimes tablet pc or a laptop etc. Under this circumstance, there’s nothing worse than that low battery warning on our smart devices, urgent to recharge with right adaptor is the top one !
If you say eyes is the window for one person, so is the screen for mobile devices. For tablet PC or mobile, even TV, TN and IPS is the mostly used. Here let’s go deeper in them.
In recent few years, USB2.0, 3.0 hold the market, but looking for USB Type-C also start to become the universal port for all devices including desktop, laptop, and mobile. If you’ve purchased them recently, you’ve probably already begun to see this trend. Let’s figure it out.
Do you know GMS or GSM? Both, one of them? Or neither of them? I used to be confused by them and figure it out that you might also have the same issue, so here I would like to share it with you on this blog.

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